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Federation of Long-Term Care Providers - the first representative organization of the care industry for the elderly in Romania.

About us


The Federation of Long-Term Care Providers (FFITL) is an organization established in 2020 as a representative of accredited or accredited care providers.

From the moment of making the decision to set up, we aimed to be perceived as representatives of an industry or an important sector of the Romanian economy and society and also as an intermediary body between social service providers and the Romanian state authorities. Our role is to facilitate the access of our members in real time to the important legal information that will help them in streamlining their activity - caring for the elderly in Romania.

The main goal of FFITL is to become a dialogue partner with the relevant authorities in order to streamline and harmonize the legislative and administrative framework with the realities of practice.  facing providers of social assistance services for people in need - medium and long-term assisted care.

As representatives of a group of care providers, who have a combined number of over 1500 places for the elderly, we felt the need to represent the providers and the problems they face in their work in care centers for the elderly and beyond. .

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