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Ingrijire pe termen lung
To become a member of FFITL just send us an email at or call us at 0760 670 955

Services for members:


Representation before the authorities

It does not mean that we will enter into "wars" with the authorities if a member does not comply with the legislation or standards in force. We are here for those who work within the law and respect their beneficiaries. For them we want to help with legislative changes, harmonization of legislation as well as obtaining potential support from the state (if possible).


Certified network of suppliers

"Where there is a lot of power grows," says a saying, so we believe that a business network based on trust and recommendations is needed. If there is someone in this network who checks the services and products provided by the authorized partners. FFITL does this for its members, welcoming its members.

Network of consultants

All problems have a solution, but if the solution is offered by the most competent professionals then everything is very easy and simple, leaving you to take care of your business and your clients.

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